Our poems based around the structure of Jinnie Ghost by Berlie Doherty

Lesson: English

Class: Year 5/6 Year: 2021 - 2022

Year 5/6 have worked increadibly hard over the past two weeks working on their poetry skills. 

We have focussed on four poems overall, each one describing a nightime visitor in an eerie setting, Jinnie Ghost being the main focus.

The class had to decide on a visitor and a setting and then create phrases describing how they move, when they appear and their appearance.

We have learnt what personificaiton, similes, refrains and verses mean and have used these within out poems. 

Learning the meaning of some of the old English words such as 'shoon' 'casement' 'couched 'cote' 'gaudy' was the classes favourite part of our sessions. Some of these can even be spotted in their final poem!

I am really proud of their writing this half term. 


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