One School Many Languages

Lesson: PSHE and citizenship

Class: Year 6 Year: 2021 - 2022

Today was our first 'One School Many Cultures' session of the year and we spent the day focussing on Poland. 

Firstly, we looked maps of Poland then Mikolaj was able to tell us about the place where his grandparents live. We looked at Warsaw and the popular market place and beautiful tall buildings. 

Next, we looked at different forms of Polish music -classical and folk. All the children worked to produce a tourist information poster with useful phrases, places to visit, currency and other interesting facts about this fabulous country. 

We ended the day by tasting some Polish food. This included some cherry jaffa cakes, iced gingerbread, flavoured gummies and cheese flavoured crisp puffs. All in all, a great day. 


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