One School Many Cultures

Lesson: Understanding the World

Class: Year 5/6 Year: 2021 - 2022

Today was our first 'One School Many Cultures' session of the year and we spent the day focussing on Poland. 

Firstly, we looked at two maps of Poland and the UK both drawn by Polish illustrators Daniel and AleksandravMizielinski. We made a list of the human and physcical features of the two countries (e.g. the landmarks, famous individuals, names of rivers and cities and native animals) and researched these further on the netbooks. We then turned this research into a PowerPoint presentation. 

Next, we looked at different forms of traditional folk art and made our own 'Wycinaki' (Vee-chee-non-kee) which is a form of paper cut design. We created our own symmetrical cockerel designed by Polish artist and teacher Agnieszka Tadaj.

In the afternoon, we looked at two Polish pioneers; Marie Curie and Nicolaus Copernicus. We researched their background and what they were famous for and then created an information poster. 

We ended the day by tasting some Polish food. This included some cherry jaffa cakes, iced gingerbread, flavoured gummies and cheese flavoured crisp puffs.

We had a fantastic day learning about this culture, Year 5/6 were so enthusiastic they wanted to know when the next one was!

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