Religious Education

At Leftwich Religious Education (RE) is delivered in a way that every child can access and ensures every child knows that all views are respected. 

RE teaching at Leftwich helps children to:

  • acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of world faiths
  • develop an understanding of the influences of beliefs, values and traditions in individuals, communities, societies and cultures.
  • enhance spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • develop an awareness of fundamental life questions and respond according to personal experience, beliefs and values
  • cultivate thoughtful self-expression and philosophical thinking skills
  • aspire tolerance and nurture mutual respect
  • empathise, evaluate, question, relate and express
  • look at the world with an inquisitive and unbiased perspective
  • develop a sense of awe and wonder


Our Curriculum

The curriculum is planned alongside the syllabus for Cheshire West Schools which was launched in July 2019.


Vector lettering illustration - Dove of Peace - with values words Peace, Love, Faith, Joy, Hope, Kindness, Unity, Beauty, Respect, Trust, Justice. Hand drawn creative typography poster, tshirt, card

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