History of Our School Library
Over many years the collection of books in the school library has grown and are all placed together in the heart of the building - a very significant site : where the Infant corridor and the Junior corridor meet, and straight ahead of you as you enter the school. During the summer term 2014, with support from our PTFA, we were able to refurbish our library area creating a welcoming, stimulating and child friendly resource area.

The books were sorted, mended, catalogued and rearranged. A library loans scheme was introduced to enable all children to borrow one item for one week. We purchased display boards - which are always imaginatively decorated with stimulating displays, book related themes and news about regular library competitions.

Books in Our School
The books in our school library are kept up to date and relevant, to the topics studied in class and also provide for the reading pleasure of the children. Amongst the new books purchased for the library are those recommended by children and staff. We purchase books on a regular basis - the funds for this comes from the commission we receive from selling items from travelling book fairs held throughout the year. We also gratefully receive donated books from parents whose children have outgrown them.

Borrowing from Our School Library
Our school library is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday dinnertimes. Reception and Key Stage 1 children are invited to come with their parents to browse and borrow resources on a Monday after school until 3.45pm. Every child is encouraged to use our library, which offers a complete range of books to support every level of reader and each item may be borrowed for one week and renewed if necessary.

Purpose of Our School Library
The school library is designed to be a place for enjoyment where both children and staff can benefit from a wide selection of books, both fiction and nonfiction and multi-media resources.

Through the use of our school library, we aim to:

- improve reading skills

- promote independence

- promote the enjoyment and use of books and other reading resources.

Library and Classroom Links
The influence of the library extends very much into the classroom. In the Reception and Infant classes there is a 'Kinderbox' (a wooden, often colourful, partitioned box on legs) containing books. In the Junior classes these are Browser Boxes/Shelves, one for fiction and one for non-fiction books. These books are changed each term, to ensure a variety of books is available for the children to read - or when a new topic begins. The use of 'Kinderboxes' and Browser Boxes/Shelves provide the children with daily access to a library environment. Also, the children will have access to books when they are unable to change their books in our school library.

Learning and Practising Library Skills
Children first experience library skills sessions in the Reception Year and these continue throughout the Infant and Junior Years. All year groups have use of the library and class teachers plan imaginative and creative learning experiences which involve children practising and developing their library skills.

Events in our School Library
During each academic year, we arrange special events in our school library. We believe that the children's education can be enriched by inviting guests into school. We have over the years, invited a number of writers, poets and illustrators to the school to share their inspirations for writing and enthusiasm for books, whilst entertaining the children at the same time!

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