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At Leftwich, we provide a high quality history curriculum that has been carefully designed and sequenced to equip our children with a secure coherent knowledge about British, local and world history. Curriculum content is knowledge and vocabulary rich, in a sequenced chronological order, allowing children to develop their understanding of substantive and abstract concepts as they move through school. Our curriculum reflects our locality and endeavours to ensure children are knowledgeable about their locality’s history and the changes it has seen.

Children are encouraged to ask and explore historically valid questions in order to develop their disciplinary skills and report their findings by drawing on skills from across the curriculum. Children will leave Leftwich being knowledgeable about key people, events and time periods from the past and will weave these together to form an overarching historical narrative.  

Enquiry Questions are Key

Each unit in our curriculum is underpinned by planning that ensures curriculum content is rich in substantive knowledge and ambitious vocabulary, whilst also ensuring children are developing their skills for historical enquiry. Each unit of work is planned carefully to ensure concepts are taught in an appropriate order to support children's understanding. 




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