Attendance and Punctuality

Our policy for Attendance and Punctuality falls in line with new Government Policy, see above.  We will not approve holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Should parents choose to take a holiday, the Local Authority will be informed as this will constitute an unauthorised absence.  The Local Authority will then issue a Fixed Penalty Notice in accordance with section 444 of the Education Act 1996.

Please be advised that the current rates payable are £60 per parent per child and this amount must be paid within 21 days.  The amount payable is £120 per parent per child when payment is made with 28 days.  If the fixed penalty notice remains unpaid this could lead to prosecution in the Magistrate's Court.

Should parents wish to seek approval for a leave of absence, a letter should be sent to Mrs Harrison and Mrs Guy asking for permission.  Letter should include the dates of the planned holiday, number of school days that will be missed and any special circumstances that you wish to be considered.  This information, along with your child's record of attendance and the school's response letter will then be sent to the Local Authority for consideration.  Where school feel that there may be exceptional circumstances that should be considered, a meeting will be arranged with Mrs Harrison and / or Mrs Guy the Headteachers.

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