Admission Arrangements

Starting Primary School - September 2023 starters

The closing date for applying for reception places for September 2023 is 15th January 2023. Parents can apply for a place from 1st September 2022. To apply for a place for your child, go to

In-Year Transfers

Since September 2013, schools, rather than the local authority, have been responsible for in-year transfers. 

To apply for a place please phone the office on 01606 800305 to check if there is a place in the required year and organise a visit to Leftwich.  You must let the Headteacher of your current school know you are planning to take your child out of school before you visit the new school.

If you wish to take up the place, fill in an application form at the bottom of this page or go online to fill in the online application form: Primary School Admissions

We will get back to you within fifteen days of receiving your application form with a date to start, or a reason why we cannot offer a place.  If we do not offer you a place we will add your child to the waiting list.

If we do not offer you a place you have the right to appeal.  For information on how to make an appeal click: here

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