1Decision and Picture News PSHE/ SRE/ Citizenship


Through our PSHE curriculum we aim to develop each pupil’s self-esteem as well as their appreciation of the views, opinions, religions and cultures of other people. They are taught to be increasingly aware about their own rights, respect and responsibilities leading to pupils becoming life-long learners who make a positive contribution to our world, preparing them for life in modern Britain.We use a programme called 1decision to support the PSHE development in our school. 1decision is a comprehensive and engaging programme which enables pupils to explore various topics in a safe and educational environment.

In key stage 1 children learn about keeping/staying safe, keeping/staying healthy, relationships, being responsible, feelings and emotions, computer safety and money matters.

In key stage 2 children learn about keeping/staying safe, keeping/staying healthy, growing and changing, being responsible, feelings and emotions, computer safety, the working world and a world without judgement.

Children in our Early Years are taught PSHE through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Prime Area Personal, Social and Emotional Development and the Specific Area Understanding the World.

Equality of opportunity at Leftwich Community Primary School means that all children, taking account of gender, age, ability, disability, ethnic origin, faith, culture, social circumstances and sexual orientation have full access to all the curricular, pastoral and social opportunities offered by our curriculum.

Picture News

In partnership with Picture News we ensure our children learn from the world around them. Each week Picture News chooses a current news story, provides an image, a thought-provoking question and a variety of teaching resources for us to use with children throughout key stage 1 and key stage 2. Once a week children engage with a Picture News session, which often links with one of the British Values. To find out more, please choose one of the files below or click here

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