Reception 2021 - 2022

Mrs Dutton

Mrs Dutton

Mrs Dean

Mrs Dean

Mrs Dutton teaches on Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday and Friday
Mrs Dean (teacher) teaches on Mondays 
Miss Eccles  and Mrs Dean (TA) are our teaching assistants.

Welcome to our Summer Term.  In this second half of the term, our topic is - Minibeasts.  We will start off by looking at The Very Hungry Caterpillar story and move on from there.  We will  continue look for signs of Summer and look at the development of the wild flower seeds we planted in our garden area.  We will hunt for very minibeasts and look at the habitats they live in.

We will look take part in Sports Day and compare a different country in One World Day.  We are going on a visit to 'Imagine That' in Liverpool.  

In our maths work, we will be continuing our number work by moving onto look at number doubling, sharing out and grouping.  We will look at odd and even numbers and use positional language to describe models.  We will use sotry to help us solve problems - e.g. How many legs at the party?  We will move our pattern making forward to now make - ABBC patterns.  We will make simple maps - which are linked to stories.  E.g What the Ladybird Heard.

In our Read, Write, Inc. work, we will be working with Set 2 Speed Sounds and begin to read Pink green and purple story books.  We will be introducing more common exception words.  Children will beginning to use capital letters and full stops and other features of narrative. 



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