Writing Competition

Date: 3rd Oct 2020 @ 9:52pm

Explore Learning have announced their latest writing competition!

They are inviting children across the UK aged 4-14 to write a 500-word story around the theme of ‘Hidden Talents’.  Everybody has a talent, anyone can be a writer. We would love it if you entered and have a uploaded files in the homework section of the VLE to help you.

Deadline to enter – 28th October 2020

The Explore Learning website explains the reasons for choosing on this topic :

Why have we chosen this theme? 

  • We see it as a way to bring out some positives from the experience of lockdown.
  • Being at home more during the lockdown period, without the opportunity to attend school, meant that children from all over the UK were likely to have spent their time doing different things to normal, and may have found a hidden talent along the way!
  • Perhaps you were encouraged to pick up a musical instrument, write a story or maybe you have just been getting better with household chores and helping out your family.
  • We want to champion the fact that anybody could be sat on an amazing ability, they just perhaps haven’t uncovered it as of yet!

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