World Mental Health Day

Date: 15th Oct 2020 @ 5:21pm

Last Friday we had a fun day learning all about how to protect our own mental health and what to do if we had feelings that were worrying or upsetting us. 

We read the story 'The Colour Monster' and discovered that at the beginning of the story he was a mix of colours as he was confused and overwhelmed by all of his emotions.  With the help of his friend, a little girl, they go through each emotion and discuss how it can make you feel.   The girl puts examples of each different colour in a jar and explains what each represents. The Colour Monster changes as a new colour is introduced, his facial expressions and body language also change to show how he feels. Yellow, Blue, Red, Black and Green are introduced along with the final colour – the colour of love! 

As a class we talked about how our body language changes when we are feeling different things and we wrote out what makes us feel angry, happy, sad, calm and frightened.

We then made advise booklets on the iPads using the 'Book Creator' app to share with our friends about what we could do if we were ever feeling sad, angry or lonely and how exercise and some breating exercises can help to make us feel calmer.  We also noted the importance of sharing when we are happy and we learnt that smiles can be contagious! smileyheart


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