The hottest week yet!

Date: 26th Jun 2020 @ 1:18pm

Wow Year 3/4 - that was some serious sunshine this week!  We hope you've been safe in the sun.  Scientists have said that, because our air quality and our planet has become cleaner due to global lockdown, the UV rays are able to reach us more easily, so we will burn quicker.  Remember - sun cream, sun glasses, sit in the shade and drink, drink, drink as much water as you can!  Lollies and ice-cream help too!  

We've been back at school this week, teaching some of the Year 6 children.  It's been lovely to see a few of our own class though, in the Keyworker Group.  It looks as though our children, at home and in school, have been doing some fantastic work.  Miss Heath judged a poetry competition in the Key Worker group on Thursday and that was really tough to pick a winner.  We're delighted that those of you at home are sharing your work with us.  Please keep doing so because it's a great way of staying in touch - we're really missing you!  Thomas, your writing is brilliant and Matthew B0 beautiful art work.  Tom's bug hotel is fantastic too.  

Stay safe and we're looking forward to seeing your amazing work next week.

Mrs Scott and Miss Heath

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