New homework format - Family projects

Date: 1st Jun 2020 @ 7:59am

Our school is in a very strange situation for the coming weeks. We have increasing numbers of key worker children returning to school from all year groups. We have Reception, Year 1 and 6 returning to school. Due to the logistics of putting in place all of the safety guidelines needed, it is only possible to have the children returning to us, part time (two days a week) that means we have to have a form of planning that can cover all of the above (i.e. children who are coming to school, and those who are staying at home). 

To help cover this we, as a staff, have decided to use weekly planning mats created by ‘The Robin Hood Academy Trust’. They have created planning from Reception, right through to Year 6.  Each week they have used a different theme to plan around.  The idea of the theme, is that if you have children in different year groups then you can work on some of the themed activities together. The plans have been edited too by our teaching staff to make sure they are right for our school. 

For this week the 1st June, the theme is ‘Our Family’. We have also added a link to White Rose Maths. For those who have not looked at this website already this is a wonderful resource and if you follow the link, a teacher will talk your child through the objective each day with a short lesson and images for support.

To get to the homework for this week, just click on the ‘download homework’ button and you will get a planning table complete with all the online links. To open the online link ‘right click’ on the blue text. Within the homework folder you will also find maths worksheets for the week and the supporting PowerPoints from White Rose should you need them. Don’t worry if you can’t print off the worksheets. The answers can be written down on a separate piece of paper or an exercise book.

As with previous weeks we will be logging onto the VLE throughout the week and making phone calls too. However, we are both teaching in school from 8th June, so please don’t worry if our responses are a little slower than usual! We are still here for you and will get back to you as soon as possible!

Speak to you soon,

Mrs Scott and Miss Heath.

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