Happy Monday!

Date: 15th Jun 2020 @ 12:04pm

Happy Monday!

How are you all keeping? Hopefully you all enjoyed some of the sunshine over the weekend.

We’re really excited about welcoming some of you back to school next week. Your teachers are all busy getting ready to give you a good start. We know it will be a little bit different in school, but we have lots of fun activities planned for you and, as long as the weather is good, you’ll spend lots of time outside. Your parents have all had an email today to tell them that you will be allowed to come back for four days a week. The letter also tells you which classroom you’ll be in and who will be teaching you.

When you first come back we’re going to spend some time helping you to get used to some of the new routines and there will be plenty of time to talk about the strange times we’ve all been through. I know some of you will be as excited as we are about returning to school, but some of you might be nervous because you’ve had a long time away. We don’t want anyone to worry, we promise everything will be great and we will look after you just like we always do!

We are really sad that you still can’t all come to school. Last week the Government told us that we can’t welcome all year groups back because, while we all have to practise distancing and only have groups of 15, we don’t have enough teachers or enough rooms. Those of you who are remaining at home are just as important to us as the children who are returning! Your teachers are working hard to make your learning interesting and challenging for you. I think it’s brilliant that they have planned for you to do the same work as your friends in school. I know it is hard to concentrate at home sometimes, but it is really important you try to do some work each day. Your grown-ups are doing their best to help you, so be kind and try not to be grumpy when they ask you to do your activities – they want you to keep achieving your best and to be ready to get straight back to your learning when you come back to school.

I’m sure you’re all desperate to get back to normal, I know I certainly am! My little boy has really missed his grandparents, his cousins and his friends. It’s lovely now we are allowed to spend some time in each other’s gardens as long as we keep our distance and we aren’t in a group that’s bigger than 6. Some of you who have grandmas and grandads who live alone might even be able to go into houses now and have cuddles - yay! Lots of places, like the zoo, are open again and today we can go to more shops. I’m sure that very soon we’ll be able to see more friends and family and have hugs, but not just yet. I know it’s frustrating, but remember it is really important to keep following the rules to make sure we all stay safe and well.

I hope that you all have a lovely week.

Take care


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