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Ice Cream Day!, by Mrs Dean

Welcome to Leftwich Community Primary School

Leftwich Primary is a happy and friendly school where children, parents and teachers work closely together. We hope that parents and carers will feel just as much part of the school as their children.

Leftwich has a wonderful atmosphere which is calm, hard working, exciting and full of quality learning. We have a fantastic team of teachers and teaching assistants who provide a very high standard of education and care, and a community of pupils who care and respect one another and who have great attitudes towards both work and behaviour.

Throughout the building the quality of work on display demonstrates the value placed on every child's effort; the high expectations we have of them; the standards achieved in their work; and the enormous pleasure that everyone gets from working in an atmosphere where enjoyment of learning, achievement and success is celebrated and is attainable by all.

We all work hard, love what we do and always strive to do our best.

Leftwich Community Primary School is a special place and we are very proud to be the headteachers.

Lynn Guy and Claire Harrison

'Pupils are proud of their school... Pupils wear their school uniform with pride.' Ofsted 2014

‘The school is exceptionally well led and managed by a headteacher who is determined to ensure that the school continually improves.' Ofsted 2014

If you require a paper copy of the information on the school's website we will provide this free of charge, please enquire at the school office on 01606 288193.

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